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Vom Bauen von Mode - A/W 2013/ 2014


Inspiration stood the Russian Construktivism of the 1920s.
The artist Kasimir Malewitsch, Alexander Rodtschenko and
his wife Stepanowa developed a new kind of design. They
reduced their way of expression the essentials. Geometrical
forms and steady colour surfaces formed the bases.
Painting and commercial arts were revolutionised by them
in Russia groundbreaking.
Alexandra translated this reduction and their graphic elements
into fashion.
On the 8th of December, 2012 KIESEL presented the
collection in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the old textile factory
„Krasnoe Snamja“ - red flag.
Instead of a classical fashion show it was shown in a
consumption-critical performance.
The models had a final check after they entered the stage.
Then they stepped on the conveyor belt, which carried them
like dolls. At the end of it they were gathered on
europalettes. Ready for shipping two workers packed them
in clear view foil.
The concept was compiled by Alexandra Kiesel, the product
designer Stefanie Bühlmaier and the artist Jan Vormann.